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Zoetrope63's mexican experience [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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mexico city wedding [Sep. 16th, 2006|09:43 am]
Went with Rocio and her family to Mexico city and stayed at zona rosa (Kyros hotel next to a strip club). Saturday night went to her best friends wedding at a massive church in central mexico city (don't remember the district name..but it was truly beautifull and exotic) and then we took the periferico and went to the salon where they hosted the reception.
The limo that carried the bride and groom crept beneath the building and then throguh a movable hydralic platform, made its way up into the dance floor.

truly impressive.

had a lovely night, did a lot of drinking 'n dancing, Rocio looked trully lovely in that dress andgown that she was wearing, and I was wearing my Master's tux (or dinner jacket as they call it int he widow).
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maria de jesus [Sep. 5th, 2006|05:46 pm]
Finally went out with Maria Jesus yesterday.
Met her at H.E.B. and took her to dinner at la canasta. She was overwhelmed by the place since she lives in the poorer parts of saltillo, but nevertheless was charming and enjoyed her dinner.

at around 10 pm I told her of an excellent place that Iknow, to go for a drink.

She agreed and we took my car, and I drove straight to my house. She was a little worried but nevertheless adorned san alberto.

I took her for a walk in the san alberto forest which is filled with chestnut trees, under a full mexican moon. I then pinned her on a tree and gave her a long warm kiss, my tongue seducing and tasting hers (she didn't know how to french but picked it up fast).
We then continued to walk and made our way to my place.

I poured her a drink and then we started chewing the fat. I started making out with her and swept her off her legs, took her in my hands and carried her to the bedroom.

I rapidly undressed her and forced her mouth on my member.
After indulging her, I gave her a complete toungue bath (except for her pussy due to the fact that it was a forrest down there (the local ladies seldom shame the pubic area).

She had small breasts but incredibly dark and solid nipples.

I mounted her and rode her for about 45 minutes.

once I was pleased with her I made her suck me and came in her mouth.

once done I dressed her (she swallowed my liquids and cleansed herself with a hanky) and gave her about 200 pesos as a gift and made a point to meet her at least once a month (she agreed).

I thanked her and she responded "para servirle".

I plan on going to VIPS tomorrow for coffee where I'll meet her again.
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maria jesus [Aug. 29th, 2006|10:42 am]
Had dinner at VIPS with ALDO again. Great guy the doctor...very knowledgable.
maria Jesus was her usual beautiful self....after dinner I slipped her another fifty pesos and said that I wanted to have a drink with her tomorrow night...

She agreed and we decided to meet at H.E.B. an Nazario Ortiz..

Marie claude called me from Montreal to see how I was doing. Iasked her how her husband was just to give her the message, she said ok and we ended the call quickly.
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restructuring,resturcturing [Aug. 28th, 2006|03:43 pm]
I always kinda wondered about all these restructurings... it seems that the more restructurings occur, the more consolidation of capital, and the more layoffs and thus further pressure on severity payments, unemployment insurance etc... and tappings into retirment funds..

If everyone gets fired, who will buy???
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dublin..yeah!! [Aug. 28th, 2006|03:35 pm]
had a great 3 weeks in Ireland....
Taught a course to a good set of engineers, went to Dun Laoghaire and Dalkey and checked out the Bono residence, did the pubcrawl thing and made it to the hotel after the club scene at about 3am everymorning.

Stayed at the Marina hotel in Laoghaire,and then at the shelbourne in Dublin next to St. Stephens Greene.

Tried even driving au reverse....

Back no in saltillo to continue the mexican thing...

Met a great looking Irish girl, Eileen, red hair, freckles and beautiful green eyes...

Great installations at our Irish office,, our local host joe was more than hospitable and showed us the sights and sounds...I wanna go back...
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rocio,may be steady [Aug. 4th, 2006|03:38 pm]
Dinner with Rocio and her family tonight. we went out last night, and for the first time she allowed me to make a pass at her (a very conservative french kiss while feeling out her awesome body).

Not a bad girl...for a single guy like me...we'll see...
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seniora garcia [Aug. 3rd, 2006|04:21 pm]
While leaving VIPS with Aldo, I ran into Seniora Garcia...
She looked at me and blushed, said a quick hola and turned away..to pay for her lunch and leave.

I couldn't help myself (she was wearing a tight dress that showed her off her rich bust line and bossom...a bossom that i KNOW so well)..

While she was leaving I ask her "que pasa Adriana" and discretely (but making sure she noticed) looked at her butt...

She quickly answered nada nada and begun to leave, full knowing that I was looking at her behind smiling and admiring my conquest. She blushed and walked quickly away..
I wonder if the bleeding stopped????
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para servirle [Aug. 3rd, 2006|04:09 pm]
Had lunch with El Dr. Aldo at VIPS today. He excused himself and went to the "tocador"...while he was away, the waitress Maria Jesus (and awesome saltillo girl, slim but firm, tannned with beautiful brown eyes) came by and asked me if I wanted more coffee..
I asked her if she had a boyfriend . She said no (I now she was lying). I said I was very very happy with the service the restaurant provided (she answered "para servirle").

Then I slipped a 40 (pesos not dollars) in her pocket and asked when and at what time she worked.

She kinda blushed but told me politely Tuesdays and Thrusdays morning shift and the rest afternoon shift.

I told her that I would make a special point to come in those days and I expected..being an executive and all..her full attention when I was present either alone or with customers.

She showed signs of fear but nevertheless answered that it would be her pleasure.

I released her.

Aldo came back and we resumed our discussion but I kept on passing glances at her..and she likewise returned them
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mexico city [Aug. 3rd, 2006|11:08 am]
Rocio want me to go with her and her family to mexico city. A friend ofher's is getting married and she wants me to attend as her companion (I smell a rat here hmmmmmmmmm).

We'll stay at the Zona Rosa, then go to the wedding, then go to the party, and her papa will show us mexico city the day after...
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Marie Claude...adieu...or is it adios?? [Aug. 2nd, 2006|09:40 am]
Took Maria Claude to Mariano Escobedo airport in monterrey yesterday. She is departing from Montreal.
Couldn't help comparing Marie-claude (montreal Quebec) with Krystel (grenoble france).

marie-claude is blonde (in all places) blue eyed well mannered slim and typical like her norman ancestors from normandie france (where most french canadians are descended from).

Krystel has brown hair slim brown eyeed and very savoir vivre. both are embellished with the typical finesse that french women have...a bitter sweet taste resembling a raspberry pie.

Comparing this to the local mexican girls who are more on the picante side.

...i'm beginning to like rainbows.
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